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Big Slo Running’s goal is to promote community, encourage fitness, inspire success and instill self-confidence through the sport of trail and ultra-running.

Big Slo Running is more than just an organization that produces trail and ultra-distance running events. We feel there is a strong need for local, national, and international community outreach. Big Slo Running was started by a father and son who share a passion for trail and ultra-running. Using that passion as a platform, the vision is to help build better communities and impact people’s lives in a positive way.

We can achieve this by using portions of the net proceeds from our running events to donate to various charities and organizations on the local, national and international level. We also give back to the local parks and trail systems so that the parks and trails can stay properly maintained for others to enjoy.

We also are looking to partner with various state and local community centers to start mentorship programs for troubled youth, adults, and the homeless.

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